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Working for a better future for our families, businesses and farms
doesn't mean choosing between the environment and the economy.
We can create vibrant, prosperous communities simply
by taking better care of our people and our land.

Honest politics

I will fight hard for a National Integrity Commission, with real teeth, to hold all politicians accountable, including myself if I am elected. I will always vote for our views and values – not vested interests or the party line.

  • Hold our politicians more accountable by supporting a national integrity commission to put an end to corruption and introduce a professional Code of Conduct for MPs.
  • Work with all levels of government, industry/business and relevant stakeholders to ensure that decisions about the future of our region are both evidence-based and community-driven.
  • Raise the standards of Australian political debate by putting an end to misleading and deceptive political adverts and making electoral funding transparent for all candidates.
  • Protect an impartial media by increasing funding to the ABC and supporting factual, unbiased reporting and Australian content.
  • Speak out for underrepresented groups including LGBTQI+, women, refugees and Indigenous Australians to ensure that they have a voice in policies that affect everyone.

A fair future

And let’s work for a fair and affordable housing system that makes it easier for you to buy your first home than an investor to buy their fifth. Let’s fund high-quality education fairly – from pre-school to TAFE and Uni – and make it accessible so that everyone has the opportunity to skill up for a good job.

  • I will advocate for federal funding to increase affordable housing to attract young people and revitalise our communities.

  • Ensure our young people are skilled to fill new job roles with flexible and affordable lifelong learning and training programs.
  • Reassess education inequities so that our schools, TAFE and universities receive a fair level of government support with better pay and classroom conditions to attract and retain quality teachers.
  • Improve women’s safety and security by increasing crisis accommodation in our region, and working to combat domestic violence, bullying and intimidation.
  • Promote safer and more respectful workplaces by demanding full implementation of the [email protected] Report, and the Setting the Standards Report recommendations to reduce sexual harassment and bullying in the workplace.

Regional economy

I will speak up loud and clear on the need for more federal investment in better roads, reliable phone and faster internet services for Page.  And I will demand that the National Emergency Response Fund be spent on the emergency recovery needs of our region NOW!

  • Safer roads and improved mobile and internet services means that local industries, farms and businesses can compete on an equal footing.
  • Bring jobs and economic prosperity to Page by giving investors the confidence to back local and innovative businesses, including solar farms, recycling projects, rural innovation, regenerative agriculture, local food systems and the arts.
  • Help local businesses recover through a recovery package for affected industries with low interest and income-contingent loans.
  • Question the huge national debt under the LNP government and challenge the ongoing sale of Australian land, water and essential services to private businesses.
  • Make childcare more accessible and legislate for fair parental leave to support our working families.
  • Drive workplace reforms to address the gap in women’s income.

Climate action

We can create a more certain future for our farms, families and local industries with a planned transition to a healthy, carbon-neutral economy. The Climate Act presents a sensible transition plan, ensuring that business, farmers, land managers, communities and custodians can adjust to the impacts of climate disruption.

  • Build climate-resilient infrastructure from our roads, bridges and communication systems to public buildings and energy supply.
  • Support farmers to build resilience into their lands and water supply so they can pass on healthy, productive farms to the next generation.
  • Commit to 75% renewable energy by 2030, with a sensible plan to phase out coal and gas.
  • Fund our emergency services so they have the capacity to respond and support us during fires, floods and droughts.
  • Inspire local action to tackle the climate challenge, supporting community energy projects and resilience-building, To be better prepared when disaster strikes and recover more quickly.
  • Legislate for a framework to get to Net Zero by passing the Climate Change Bills which include strong targets, emissions budget and sector-specific support and planning.
  • Incentivise electric vehicles through tax breaks, more charging stations and tighter emissions standards.
  • Incentivise the production of green hydrogen, green aluminium and green steel with transition support for affected communities.

Health equity

I will stand up to advocate strongly for increased federal funding to better support our nurses, GPs, aged care workers, mental health and family programs. We need to connect healthcare systems to treat people holistically, to keep people out of hospital and bring down crime.

  • Improve healthcare programs and connect access choices for our region by investing in health professionals and infrastructure, bringing in more specialists and levelling the cost of health care.
  • Level up Indigenous health by providing culturally appropriate services that they co-create and manage.
  • Prioritise mental health funding and mental health services.
  • Implement the Aged Care Royal Commission recommendations which call for flexible funding, greater accountability and more education and resourcing.
  • Advocate for responsible and proportional responses to Covid by acting on the advice of medical professionals and increasing funding and support for essential frontline workers, and businesses.
  • Decision-making based on a community wellbeing dashboard, rather than the blunt instrument of GDP.