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Hi, I’m Dr Hanabeth Luke and I am running as your Independent candidate for Page.

I’m a scientist and Marine Rescue volunteer. I teach at Southern Cross University and I’m raising a family in Evans Head.

I’m disappointed with what I see in politics and think we can do better.

We need a local champion to represent our values and views in Canberra.

I will fight for decency and honesty in government, with a fair allocation of funding to strengthen our regional industries and health systems.

I stand for a fair future where everyone has a home, with quality education and training for all the people of Page.

We need to plan for a rapid transition to a carbon neutral economy that supports our farmers and communities.

I have the integrity and decency to speak up for our region.

All I need is your vote!

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What I stand for

I’m for putting integrity back into politics to restore trust in government. I’m for a strong regional economy where everyone can afford to have a home and skill up for a better future. I’m passionate about funding equitable healthcare, aged care and mental healthcare for our families. I’m for a rapid transition to a carbon-neutral economy that supports farmers, builds community resilience and provides a healthy environment for future generations.

Supporting business and communities to grow our region